Heey You!

I Know How Frustrated You Are!

You are eating clean, moving your body, & taking your supplements, but you still struggle with IBS. Your doctor’s can’t give you an answer on why. You’re at your wit’s end.

You're Tired of....

You Know

It is more than just IBS, but you have no idea

how to get to the root of the problem!

You're Craving...

It’s time to start waking up & ending your days without bloating!

It's time to start spending less time going #2!

It’s time to stop living your life closests to the bathroom!

It's time to start eating all the foods you love!

It’s time to start taking your life back from IBS!

It's time to start radiating confidence!

Heey, I'm Sara B!

I found my passion for the gut & all things energetic through my own healing journey. I went from having chronic IBS leaving me bloated, constipated, & crabby, to abundant, happy, & confident. Through my experience, I want no other woman (or man) to suffer as I did. 

Besides talking about sh*t, I love being in the mountains in Massachusetts, swimming in the ocean in Maine, eating sushi with my boyfriend, and taking care of my plant babies.

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