You're craving a life free of guilt & shame!

You’re craving to speak your truth unapologetically!

You're craving to feel worthy of your desires!

You’re cravings to embody your confident af self!

Are Your Tired Of...

If you said, "Yes" to any of these questions, it is time for you to release what no longer serves you & Ignite Your Confidence!

The Ignite Your Confidence Container, Is Built Just For You!

What makes this container different from others is I get to the energetic root of why your anxieties, worries & self-sabotaging patterns are coming out to play. Even if you have done the work (you know the meditations, journal prompts, etc.), they aren’t enough to heal the unresolved trauma that is blocking you from living your life. 

In this container, you will be in a safe & confidential space to peel back the layers of your childhood, to express the emotions that want to erupt from your throat, and give you tangible tools so you can move through life authentically you. 

By combining energy healing & in-depth coaching, we can support your mind, body, & soul in releasing what no longer serves you so you can get back in the driver’s seat of your life. 

What makes it even juicier is as you do this work you can see physical relief from chronic symptoms that won’t go away (you know, the IBS, PMS, fatigue, etc.) PLUS, see how your life shifts as you become a magnet to what you want, from abundance to love to delicious opportunities. 

What are you waiting for you?

You Aren’t On This Page By Accident!

You Know Something Must Change because You Can’t Go On Living Your Life Like This!

It’s Time for You To Take Your Life Back!

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There is limited availability to this 3-month container to ensure all my clients get the support & accountability they need.


You Will Receive All The Support & Accountability You Need as This Container Is Built to Give You Custom Results!

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