10 Ways to Get Immediate Constipation Relief

Sara B
Sara B

IBS Expert | 6D Energy Healer

These are full-proof hacks I tell all my clients to help them relieve constipation fast!

With how prevalent irritable bowel syndrome is, it is no wonder that many people are searching for immediate constipation relief.

The remedies for constipation aren’t meant to be used daily. If you aren’t going at least 3 times a week, there is something else going on.

If you do not have a bowel movement, this can also be causing your bloating. The buildup of stool in your large intestines can cause bloating. However, excess gas can disrupt the digestive process, also causing constipation.

You can see why it is so important for us to have a bowel movement. We want all of those toxins, excess hormones, etc., out of our systems. If you need to do a detox protocol due to heavy metal toxicity or mold illness, don’t do it until you go number 2 for a period of time! It can be very dangerous if you don’t, as all those toxins have nowhere to go.

However, if you need some simple tips to relieve occasional, not chronic constipation, these 10 are for you!

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10 Ways to Get Immediate Constipation Relief


Nearly all Americans are deficient in magnesium. Not only is this mineral known as the “stress mineral” due to its relaxing effects. What it does for your digestion is pull water into your intestines. 

This will help to bulk up your stool to make it easier to pass and relax the muscles. Be careful with this, as too much can cause diarrhea. Magnesium Citrate is the best form to use.

Play With Fiber Intake

Too much fiber can actually cause constipation. It is very individualized on what will work for you. 

Reducing your insoluble fiber and increasing soluble fiber can often do the trick. The opposite is also true, as well. Play around with it, but aim to get at least 25-35 grams per day!

Drink Enough Water 

Not drinking enough water can make your stool hard and difficult to pass. Increasing how many glasses of water you’re drinking can help to soften your stool. If you’re unsure how much water to drink, divide your body weight in pounds by 2. That is how many fluid ounces of water to drink.

Eat a Fat Bomb

Healthy fats can help to soften the stool and lubricate the intestines. 

A little can go a long way in what your body needs! Some delicious fats are fatty fish & meat, avocados, coconut oil, nut butter, etc.

You can add an extra tbsp or two to a meal and see if that stimulates a bowel movement. But if that isn’t enough, try increasing your overall fat consumption. 

Spore-Based Probiotic

Sometimes your gut needs a healthy dose of probiotics. Using a probiotic can help keep your microbiome balanced and prevent issues like SIBO.

Spore-based probiotics can survive our stomach acid. This is important as the bacteria will make it to your small intestines! I recommend Just Thrive & you can save 15% with the code “SBW.”

A Shot of Expresso

What a healthy dose of caffeine does is stimulates your intestines and stomach. These contracts help to move the stool from your system. 

I recommend one cup as too much caffeine can cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, etc. As for the type of caffeine, I recommend coffee and matcha!

An Orange with Cayenne and Cinnamon

This hack is from lilsipper & all you do is take an organic orange and slice it up. Coat the entire thing with cayenne pepper and cinnamon and eat the whole thing.

Before you know it, you’ll be running to the bathroom!


Doing light movements like bodyweight exercises or walking can help move things along. Exercising speeds up how long your stool is in your intestines. This will help prevent moisture from leaving your stool and going into the intestines. Aim to go for a walk after your meals, if possible!

Aloe Vera Juice

Not only does aloe help your skin after a sunburn, but it can also help your digestive system. What aloe vera juice does is reduce any inflammation in your gut.

 This can help make it easier for your stool to pass through the intestines. It also stimulates our Migrating Motor Complex (MMC), responsible for contracts to push food out of our stomachs.

Squatty Potty

This is one of the best things I have ever gotten! It helps to put our bodies at an optimal angle to poop. 

If you look back at our ancestors, they were squatting, not sitting! They are pretty affordable, and you can find them anywhere! 

These are 10 things you can get immediate constipation relief! Some can also be used for overall gut health (i.e., the probiotic and squatty potty only). Remember, these are only for emergencies ONLY!

The way to truly prevent constipation is to get to the root cause. Thank youu so much for reading!

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