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What is the investment in working with you?

Each program is customized to what the client needs. The investment is discussed after we have determined we are a good fit to work together.

How can I work with you?

You can either work with me in the Ignite Your Confidence Container or the Activate & Elevate sessions/packages.

What does your coaching like?

The Ignite Your Confidence container is a 3-month program in which you receive 2 in-depth coaching calls per month, 2 Activate & Elevate healing sessions per month, voxer access for continued support, and so much more. Check out the 1:1 Transformation page for more details.

What is your energy healing like?

The energy healing session is a 60-minute session in which you receive 30-minutes of healing (customized to your intentions) & 30-minutes of in-depth coaching from me. You can expect to experience deep relaxation, clearing of trapped emotions, the release of anxiety/fear, & much more. Check out the Activate & Elevate page for more details!

Can I meet with you in-person?

I only offer my coaching & energy healing as virtual only. This allows me to serve more people all around the world!