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  • Finding My Pleasure & Ignite My Sex Life Through Abstinence
    Today on The Feisty Feminine Podcast, I am chatting about my experience in rediscovering my pleasure & igniting my sex life through abstinence.    I spill the tea on How being exposed to porn at a young warped my perception of sex How my anxious-avoidant attachment style impacted dating Exploring sex within a committed relationship […]
  • Is Reiki Energy Healing Dead?!
    Today on The Feisty Feminine Podcast, I chat about is reiki energy healing dead?! Use code "SBW" to get $100 off the Psychic Development Course Spill The Tea On Why people say, reiki won't be effective as we go into 5D consciousness. The Difference Between 3D & 5D Consciousness What It Looks Like to Be […]
  • Healing Chronic Conditions Through Energy Work & A Major Crystal Mistake Ft. Katie Mcknight
    Today on The Feisty Feminine Podcast, I am chatting with Katie Mcknight is an intuitive, energy healer, brain rewiring certified coach, and FNTP. Her mission is to help empaths shed their limiting beliefs to live in alignment with their soul's purpose. After years of struggling with chronic illness, Katie embarked on a spiritual awakening that […]
  • Diving Deep Into The 2 Power Centers Every Women Has & How To Embody Them
    Today on The Feisty Feminine Podcast, I chat about the two power centers found in all women, the Solar Plexus & Sacral Chakras.   Spilling The Tea On A Brief Dive Into The Chakra System Exploring Your Personal Power & Confidence in The Solar Plexus Exploring Your Feminine Power & Pleasure in The Sacral How […]
  • How Pathogens Effect Your Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Planes
    Today on The Feisty Feminine Podcast, I chat about the 3 Planes of Being & How Pathogens Influence Each Plane.   Spilling The Tea On Why It's Important to Heal on All Planes. Understanding How Each Plane Influences Another The Basics on The Physical, Emotional/Mental, and Spiritual Plane How Pathogens Effect Each One Juicy Freebies […]
  • My Story in Overcoming Chronic IBS & Zero Confidence
    Today on The Feisty Feminine Podcast, I chat about my story of overcoming chronic IBS, zero confidence and discovering my purpose.  Spilling the tea on Growing up with IBS All the different remedies I tried to ditch my symptoms Getting to the physical root cause Discovering that healing my gut wasn't enough to ignite my […]
  • Blaming Doctors The New Victim Mentality?
    Today on the Feisty Feminine Podcast, I chat about how blaming doctors & therapists is becoming the new victim mentality in the health & wellness space.  Spilling The Tea On: Who We Should Actually Blame. Are Doctors & Therapists Responsible for Us Getting Results? How Your Energy Influences Your Interactions. Shifting Your Mind In Seeing […]
  • How To Do The Deep Healing When Living At Home
    Today on The Feisty Feminine Podcast, I chat about how it is possible to do deep healing (physically and energetically) at home. Spilling The Tea On Moving Out When I was 24  Seeing The Big Picture Reason Why You Are Living At Home or With Roommates Importance of Creating Boundaries & Taking Your Power Back […]
  • The Feisty Feminine Podcast - Trailer
    Expect juicy topics & sassy conversations your doctors, therapists, and specialists won't talk about in health, wellness, & spirituality on The Feisty Feminine Podcast! Juicy Bonuses How to Eat to Support Your Energetic Body for Optimal Digestion 5 Energetic Reasons You're Bloated AF Connect With Me Instagram: @sarabwellness Website: Free Community: The Feisty Feminine Collective How […]

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